fortran について書きます。

chapel 開発責任者が julia について言及

Cray の chapel 1.17 出る

年二回犬の毛が抜け替わる頃に、chapel の更新が出ます。言語上の変化はあまり無いような気がします。


Julia とのアプローチの違いについて

Chamberlain says. “We are both trying to be the ‘Python for HPC’ but Julia takes the approach of, ‘you’re already a Python programmer? Let’s bring you into our world of HPC,’ whereas Chapel is designed from the bottom up to talk to that base of existing HPC parallel programmers that see what they need to control in terms of a machine’s resources and how to map efficiently and want to build from higher level abstractions from there,”

セクシー言語 python
"The Sin" Franz von Stuck (1893)