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John Reid 氏による  2017 Fortran 六十歳

Fortran at 60

西暦2017年は、Fortran 誕生60年の年でした。英国人 John Reid 氏が歴史と展望を簡潔にまとめて語っています。


A downside of the continued support of old
features is that Fortran is perceived as old and
outmoded. This is unfair to a language that
has evolved steadily.

Just as English has evolved to cope with
changed requirements, so has Fortran. It was
the first to consider incorporating parallel
programming into the heart of the language.

この文身した蛮族のような写真は如何なものかw 西夷英人伝か!

1980アイコ十六歳 (河出文庫)

1980アイコ十六歳 (河出文庫)

IT NOW の Fortran 記事

FORTRAN II appeared for the 704 in June 1958 and later in the year for the 709 and 650. FORTRAN II introduced subroutines and the common block, amongst other things.
The first FORTRAN system on a non-IBM machine was ALTAC, an extended FORTRAN II, on
the Philco 2000 in 1960.The first system called FORTRAN on a non-IBM machine was FORTRAN I on a Univac SS80 in 1961. By 1961 IBM had eight different compilers on different systems and already language variations were causing such problems that IBM issued a manual contrasting the facilities in the eight compilers. A paper in Datamation in 1964 noted that 43 compilers existed in total. Fortran compilers are now available for computers of all sizes, from home PCs and Macs to supercomputers.

1964年 datamation 誌の FORTRAN 互換性の記事 (internet archive より)