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The Coming Age of Extreme Heterogeneity



特に興味深いのは RISC-V はあるのに ARM が無い所とかw Chapel さんも Julia さんもいませんね。


OpenACC 推し PGI


The current estimate is that the RIKEN-bound supercomputer will top out at about 400 peak petaflops at double precision. Given that the system has to fit in a 30 MW to 40 MW power envelope, that’s about all you can squeeze out of the 150,000 single-socket nodes that will make up the machine. Which is actually rather impressive. The A64FX prototype machine, aka “micro-Fugaku,” is currently the most energy- efficient supercomputer in the world, delivering 16.9 gigaflops per watt. However, extrapolating that out to an exaflop machine with those same (or very similar) processors would require something approaching 60 MW to 80 megawatts.