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【寝言】AI 様に天文写真を見ていただく

ChatGPT4o 様に皆既月食天王星食を見ていただく



なお Gemini 無料版は写真を見せても天体写真であることも分からず、ヒントを与えてもイマイチでした。Claude Sonet は天体写真であることは分かりましたが、ヒントを与えないとイマイチでした。ただ全体としては短い答えで自然な感じでした。

pleaase explain this picture.

The image appears to be a night sky with stars and an arrow pointing to a bright, round object with a reddish-orange hue. This object is likely a planet, given its brightness and the color. The reddish color suggests it might be Mars, as Mars often appears red or orange in the night sky.    

In the image, the planet is easily distinguishable from the stars around it due to its color and brightness. Planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are often much brighter than stars and can be seen even in light-polluted areas.    

If you have more specific questions about the image or need further analysis, please let me know!

This ia a picture of moon eclips. Can you find any constellations?

Let's examine the stars in the image more closely to identify any constellations. I will focus on the groupings of stars around the moon. Given the presence of an eclipse, which is a specific celestial event, certain constellations might be more likely to appear depending on the time and location.    

To identify constellations, we need to consider the pattern of stars. Notable constellations often have distinctive shapes:

  1. Orion: Recognizable by the three stars in a row (Orion's Belt).
  2. Pleiades (Seven Sisters): A tight cluster of stars, often seen near Taurus.
  3. Ursa Major (Big Dipper): A large, easily recognizable asterism that is part of a larger constellation.    

In the image:    

  • The group of stars to the left of the moon, forming a small cluster, resembles the Pleiades.
  • No clear sign of Orion’s Belt or Ursa Major is present in the visible area.    

Based on these observations, it is likely that the cluster to the left is the Pleiades star cluster. This cluster is often seen in the night sky near Taurus and can be easily recognized due to its tight grouping of stars.    

If you have additional information about the location and time when the picture was taken, it might help further confirm the constellations visible in the image.

この後、ヒヤデス星団を探してもらいましたが、明るいアルデバランがある V 字型を探せばいいとか文字的には正確な知識を示しつつ、写真の右下の方にあるとかいい加減なことを返してきて、あまり写真を見てない感じでした。


can you guess the date of this event?

Determining the exact date of the occultation of Uranus by the Moon can be done by cross-referencing known dates of such events with the visible lunar eclipse. Here are a few key pieces of information needed to make an educated guess:    

  1. Lunar Eclipse and Occultation: These two events happening simultaneously narrow down the possible dates significantly.    

  2. Position and Phase of the Moon: The appearance of the Moon in the image, especially if it is a total or partial lunar eclipse, helps in identifying the exact date.

Based on these criteria, let’s consider recent known dates of lunar eclipses and occultations of Uranus:    

  1. November 8, 2022: A total lunar eclipse coincided with the occultation of Uranus.
  2. Other recent dates: Any other recent events involving both a lunar eclipse and the occultation of Uranus are relatively rare and well-documented.    

Given these factors, and the apparent total eclipse of the Moon in your image along with the occultation of Uranus, it is highly likely that the event captured in the image occurred on November 8, 2022. This is a documented date when both a total lunar eclipse and the occultation of Uranus were observable from certain parts of the world.



Explain this picture. Who is the man in the bottom right?

This image is a meme that combines two well-known images. The top half shows a popular meme featuring a scene from the reality TV show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," where a woman is yelling and pointing, while a white cat sits at a table with a confused look on its face. The bottom half of the image is a parody of that meme, recreated as a courtroom sketch.    

In the bottom right of the image, the man depicted is former U.S. President Donald Trump, illustrated in the style of a courtroom sketch. This is a humorous take on the original meme, incorporating a well-known public figure and mimicking the format of the original image with a similar scene in a different context.