fortran について書きます。

【祝】Fortran 2023 正式になる

ISO/IEC 1539-1:2023

Fortran 2023 が ISO 規格文書として発行に至ったようです。今秋の予定だったので、無事成りました。

Fortran は ISO では 1539 番で後ろの方に年号の数字が入るようです。


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If "it" is F'23, then none. GNU Fortran has had the "new" degree-unit trig functions for a while, but no compiler, FOSS or otherwise, has the newly invented features of this revision.

Fortran doesn't prototype features with real implementations (or test suites) before standardizing them, which had led to more than one problem over the years as ambiguities, contradictions, and omissions in the standard aren't discovered until years later when compiler developers eventually try to make sense of them, leading to lots of incomplete and incompatible implementations. I've written demonstrations for many examples and published them at .


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For a summary of changes to the language, see John Reid's slides here: More info, The Home of Fortran Standards:

theodorethomas 15 hours ago | parent | next [–] is John Reid's complete document.