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【ニュース】Intel fortran 2024.1.0 出る

Intel one api 2024.1

目を凝らしてよむと fortran compiler 単独のインストール法が書いてあります。

Intel® Fortran Compiler adds more Fortran 2023 language features including improved compatibility and interoperability between C and Fortran code, simplified trigonometric calculations, and predefined data types to improve code portability and ensure consistent behavior; makes OpenMP offload programming more productive; and increases compiler stability.

New in Intel® Fortran Compiler 2024.1.0 Release

Intel® Fortran Compiler 2024.1.0

  • Intel® Fortran Compiler adds more Fortran 2023 language features - improving compatibility and interoperability between C and Fortran code in the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING; simplifying trigonometric calculations by allowing developers to use intrinsic functions that accept arguments as degrees, enhancing ease of use and code readability; use of predefined data types of specific sizes in intrinsic module ISO_FORTRAN_ENV improving code portability and ensuring consistent behavior, and more.
  • Intel® Fortran Compiler makes OpenMP Offload programming more productive by adding runtime checks ensuring that mapped data is currently allocated/associated.
  • Increased compiler stability by fixing miscellaneous compilation, OpenMP* and runtime issues.


文法面では大した進歩はないようです。real16 が常数に加わりましたが、12世代 i7 win11 環境下では -2 が入っていて、そのような種 (kind) は存在しないようです。

Details of New and Changed Compiler Features

ifx 2024.1.0 and ifort 2021.12.0

The following Fortran 2023 features are new in this release:

  • Source input lines in free format can have up to 10,000 characters.
  • A Fortran statement can contain up to 1,000,000 characters.
  • New named constants LOGICAL8, LOGICAL16, LOGICAL32, LOGICAL64, and REAL16 in the intrinsic module ISO_FORTRAN_ENV.
  • New procedures C_F_STRPOINTER and F_C_STRING for C interoperability have been added to the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING.
  • Optional argument LOWER to subroutine C_F_POINTER in the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING, which allows specifying lower bounds for the fptr array pointer argument.
  • Two argument form of the intrinsic trigonometric function ATAND (Y, X) whose arguments are in degrees.