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【ニュース】intel OneAPI 2023.2 出る!

Intel fortran

installed products で楽できるかも?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\Installer\installer.exe

ifx は Version 2023.2.0 Build 20230627。

ifort は Version 2021.10.0 Build 20230609。

標準文法の範囲内で 並列化/GPU 利用すべく、次期規格 Fortran 2023 の do concurrent 拡張を取り入れてきたようです。OpenMP も最新規格対応を進めているようです。

OpenMP は初期のグダグダ対応のイメージで、あんまり信じていないのですが、信じるべきか? イワシの頭も信心からというしw

Change History
This section highlights important changes from the previous product version and changes in minor releases.

New in Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic and Intel® Fortran Compiler oneAPI 2023.2 Release
Intel Fortran Compiler (ifx) version 2023.2.0
The Intel® Fortran Compiler now supports the Fortran 2023 REDUCTION locality-spec on the DO CONCURRENT construct. With compiler option [qQ]openmp, the compiler will parallelize the DO CONCURRENT construct. Add [fQ]fopenmp-targets=<device> to offload to an Intel GPU.
The ifx compiler option -check uninit improves correctness and reliability of Fortran applications by detecting errors related to uninitialized variables using the LLVM Memory Sanitizer.
The compiler provides enhanced OpenMP 5.2 standards compliance by implementing order clause modifiers, allocators and dispatch constructs.
Improved performance.
Corrections to reported problems.
Updated with stability improvements and security enhancements
Read this supplemental article for more information about the implementation of Fortran 2003, Fortran 2008, Fortran 2018, OpenMP 4.5, OpenMP 5.x and some OpenMP 6.0 features.

Intel Fortran Compiler Classic (ifort) version 2021.10.0
Corrections to reported problems.
Updated to include recent versions of 3rd party components, which include functional and security updates.

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