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地球温暖化のせいでしょうか、ブレグジットのせいでしょうか、近頃遅れ気味の ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum 8月号が、まだ 7月なのに出てきました。なお4月号はまだ12月号のままになっています。時間の流れが乱れています。

Metcalf の Fortran の歴史の記事があるようです。まだ見てませんが、私が欲しいものズバリの内容のようで、期待ageの頂!

Michael Metcalf "History of Fortran" Questions often arise that relate to the history of Fortran and to the development of its various standards: "why was feature x included/excluded?" "which statement was in which standard?" "was there a conspiracy to do this, that or the other?" etc.

Answers to all these questions and more can be found in the literature. I have assembled a short list of books, journals and Web links that should be relatively easy to find or obtain in a good academic library, in the hope that it can be of service to such enquirers.