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GFortran 10.2


  • use_device_addr of version 5.0 of the OpenMP specification is now supported. Note that otherwise OpenMP 4.5 is partially supported in the Fortran compiler; the largest missing item is structure element mapping.

  • The default buffer size for I/O using unformatted files has been increased to 1048576. The buffer size for can now be set at runtime via the environment variables GFORTRAN_FORMATTED_BUFFER_SIZE and GFORTRAN_UNFORMATTED_BUFFER_SIZE for formatted and unformatted files, respectively.

  • Mismatches between actual and dummy argument lists in a single file are now rejected with an error. Use the new option -fallow-argument-mismatch to turn these errors into warnings; this option is implied with -std=legacy. -Wargument-mismatch has been removed.

  • The handling of a BOZ literal constant has been reworked to provide better conformance to the Fortran 2008 and 2018 standards. In these Fortran standards, a BOZ literal constant is a typeless and kindless entity. As a part of the rework, documented and undocumented extensions to the Fortran standard now emit errors during compilation. Some of these extensions are permitted with the -fallow-invalid-boz option, which degrades the error to a warning and the code is compiled as with older gfortran.

  • At any optimization level except-Os, gfortran now uses inline packing for arguments instead of calling a library routine. If the source contains a large number of arguments that need to be repacked, code size or time for compilation can become excessive. If that is the case, -fno-inline-arg-packing can be used to disable inline argument packing.

  • Legacy extensions:

** For formatted input/output, if the explicit widths after the data-edit descriptors I, F and G have been omitted, default widths are used.

** A blank format item at the end of a format specification, i.e. nothing following the final comma, is allowed. Use the option -fdec-blank-format-item; this option is implied with -fdec.

** The existing support for AUTOMATIC and STATIC attributes has been extended to allow variables with the AUTOMATIC attribute to be used in EQUIVALENCE statements. Use -fdec-static; this option is implied by -fdec.

** Allow character literals in assignments and DATA statements for numeric (INTEGER, REAL, or COMPLEX) or LOGICAL variables. Use the option -fdec-char-conversions; this option is implied with -fdec.

** DEC comparisons, i.e. allow Hollerith constants to be used in comparisons with INTEGER, REAL, COMPLEX and CHARACTER expressions. Use the option -fdec.

  • Character type names in errors and warnings now include len in addition to kind; * is used for assumed length. The kind is omitted if it is the default kind. Examples: CHARACTER(12), CHARACTER(6,4).

  • CO_BROADCAST now supports derived type variables including objects with allocatable components. In this case, the optional arguments STAT= and ERRMSG= are currently ignored.

  • The handling of module and submodule names has been reworked to allow the full 63-character length mandated by the standard. Previously symbol names were truncated if the combined length of module, submodule, and function name exceeded 126 characters. This change therefore breaks the ABI, but only for cases where this 126 character limit was exceeded.

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