fortran について書きます。

ARM Fortran 正式版出る!・・・ が、ページがバタ臭くてw

ARM が HPC 用コンパイラツール一式を正式出荷したようです。


  • Arm Fortran Compiler,released as a beta compiler in June 2017, is now a fully supported commercial Fortran compiler with Fortran 2003 and prior standards support.
  • Arm C/C++ Compileris an LLVM-based commercial compiler with support for C++ 14 standard and tuned for server and HPC workloads on a wide-range of Arm-based platforms.
  • The Arm Performance Librariesare processor-optimized math libraries with BLAS, LAPACK and FFT functionality for HPC applications on Arm-based hardware.
  • Arm Forge(formerly Allinea Forge) now comprises Arm DDT, the powerful scalable debugger, and Arm MAP, the parallel profiler for debugging, profiling, and optimizing applications.
  • Arm Performance Reports(formerly Allinea Performance Reports) is a non-intrusive performance tool that can analyze the applications running on your system to seek out inefficiencies and pinpoint exactly where to focus optimization work.

しか~し、ARM の当該 Fortran ページに行ってみると、写真多用のバタ臭い今風の Web ページで Fortran らしくなく、落ち着かないことこの上ない。眩暈がしてくるw

作動システムに入ってはいないが Raspberry pi で 64bit 版 Linux 載せれば動くのか、動かぬのか。求人柱。

Arm Fortran Compiler supports:

  • Fortran 2003 and prior standards
  • Partial support for Fortran 2008
  • OpenMP 3.1
  • 64-bit Arm platforms including Cavium ThunderX2 and Qualcomm Centriq.
  • Full support for SVE, an Arm architecture extension suited for HPC
  • Leading Linux distributions including Red Hat 7.3+, SLES 12+ and Ubuntu 16.04+