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Fortran 90 と ALGOL & APL

Fortran 90 は従来の FORTRAN に、 ALGOL 系(就中 Modula-2)の構造化プログラミングと APL 的な配列操作の概念が加えられている。

APL と Fortran に関する参考文献

Comparison of the functional power of APL2 and FORTRAN 90
APL の側から、APL と Fortran 90 との組み込み関数等を比較している。

参考 「APL の何がダメなのか」

What's wrong with APL?


What's wrong with APL2

Vector, the Journal of the British APL Association

If Jim could change two things in hindsight he would like (1) to have created the function library that Gary Bergquist is working on now and (2) to have called it , not “APL2”, but either APL version 2 (which would have persuaded more people to migrate) or by a completely new name – such as “Java”.