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Fortran 文書まとめメモ



  • M. Metcalf : JSC&T vol.11 (2011) 1.

The seven ages of Fortran

  • Ian Chivers & Jane Sleightholme

Fortran history and development

  • Brian Meek : ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum Vol. 9 (1990) 23.

The Fortran (not the foresight) Saga: the light and the dark

Fortran IV

◆Fortran77 以前

  • M. J. R. Healy : The Computer Journal vol.11 (1968) 169.


  • D. F. Hendry and P. A. Samet : The Computer Journal vol.12 (1969) 218.

Towards FORTRAN VI? Part 2. FORTRAN in the Modern World


Fortran-8x 規格

Fortran 8X—the draft Fortran standard revision
Fortran 8X—the draft Fortran standard revision

D. H. Bailey, In Response to the Fate of Fortran-8x
W. Brainerd, Additional Thoughts

◆クリーンな Fortran

  • R. Frisbie, R. Hendrickson and M. Metcalf : ACM SIGPLAN Notices Vol.32 (1997) 69.

The F programming language

Lahey - ELF90

◆HPF (High Performance Fortran)

  • K. Kennedy, C. Koelbel and H. Zima : Proceeding HOPL III Proceedings of the third ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of programming languages

Pages 7-1.
The rise and fall of High Performance Fortran

Fortran 95

  • Craig T. Dedo : ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum Vol.14 (1995) 37.

New features in Fortran 95 (draft of RATIONALES appendix)

Fortran 2003

  • J. Reid : ACM SIGPLAN Notices Vol. 39 (2004) 31.

An overview of Fortran 2003

  • Bill Long : CUG (2005)

"Fortran 2003 and beyond"(slides)
CUG 2005 Tuesday Schedule

  • John Reid : ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum Vol.26 (2007) 10.

The new features of Fortran 2003

Fortran 2008

  • J. Reid : ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum Vol.33 (2014) 21.

The new features of Fortran 2008

Fortran 2015 

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N2110 First working document for revision of Fortran standard (Cohen)
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 (Fortran)

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